Kripa Aryal Moore

My name is Kripa Aryal Moore and I am a 200 hours Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT). After a decade of working in the corporate world in the city that never sleeps - my dear New York City - I have personally known the benefits of having a consistent yoga and meditation practice. Without my own practice, I know I would have a very hard time keeping my work and life at a balance.

I practice and teach a restorative form of yoga that is gentle and relaxing. In my classes, we usually start with gentle stretches and I guide us through meditation using aromatherapy and music as enhancements. I like to focus on the Yin approach to yoga through slow movements in order to relax the body. This gives us a chance to get in touch with our minds and hearts. Thats where magic happens !

In addition to me, Marigold Journey brings you access to a team of teachers who are passionate about their own growth and creating joy in their lives by sharing their gifts and smiles with you.

I look forward to seeing you on your yoga chairs very soon. Until then, keep smiling !