For every 1 hour of yoga class you add to your yoga journey, we will make a $1 contribution to the Advancement for Rural Kids (ARK) Foundation.

$1 can help feed 20 meals and create a global impact.


Many rural kids go to school hungry, are malnourished, and drop out to find work. As of 2015 there were 264 million school age kids that are out of school (UNESCO).



  • vegetables and protein

  • served to ALL students

  • every day class is in session

  • fresh and organic

  • grown in the school garden

  • and parents’ backyards


  • 95% attendance*

  • 0% malnutrition

  • kids are bright and curious

  • do better in class and aptitude tests

The ARK Lunch allows communities to secure their food, schooling and income for life in just three years.

ARK creates a whole new economy that brings much needed income and a sustainable source of food for the community. As of the first half of 2017, the program bought 100% from community, nearly 90% from parents. 

ARK creates a path for parents to integrate and sustain the program all on their own within three years."

Advancement for Rural Kids 

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